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Have you had your trailer suspension aligned?

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In the world of car maintenance, certain tasks are crucial for extending the life of your vehicle and ensuring your safety on the road. Two such tasks are tyre rotation and wheel alignment services. While these services are often mentioned in the context of cars and SUVs, it's important to remember that trailers and caravans also benefit significantly from proper wheel alignment.

A tyre rotation service is a straightforward yet vital service that involves changing the position of your vehicle's tyres in a specific pattern. This practice ensures even tyre wear, promoting longer tyre life and consistent performance. On the other hand, wheel alignment adjusts the angles of your tyres so that they are correctly oriented to the road and each other. But why are these services necessary, and how do they apply to vehicles beyond your primary ride, such as trailers and caravans? Let's dive in.

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Why Tyre Rotation and Wheel Alignment are Necessary

Over time, tyres wear down due to friction with the road. However, this wear isn't evenly distributed across all four tyres due to different driving dynamics, such as steering and weight distribution. A tyre rotation is typically only necessary on tandem axle trailers.

Wheel alignments, on the other hand, ensures your tyres meet the road at the correct angle, reduces wear, and improves handling and fuel efficiency. Misaligned wheels can lead to uneven tyre wear, poor handling, and increased strain on your vehicle's suspension components.

Wheel Alignment for Trailers and Caravans

When it comes to trailers and caravans, wheel alignment is just as crucial. These vehicles can suffer from bent axles and worn-out components, affecting tyre and wheel bearing wear. Routine wheel alignments can account for these issues, ensuring that your trailer or caravan's wheels are correctly aligned and that your suspension is adjusted to account for any wear and tear. This not only extends the life of the tyres and wheel bearings but also improves safety and towing stability.

The Benefits of Alignment

Aligning the wheels of your trailer or caravan offers several benefits:

  • Reduced Tyre Wear: Proper alignment decreases uneven tyre wear, extending the life of your tyres.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Correctly aligned wheels offer less resistance to the road, which can improve fuel efficiency.
  • Enhanced Safety: Alignment improves vehicle stability, especially important when towing.
  • Less Wear on Components: Proper alignment reduces strain on wheel bearings and other suspension components, leading to lower maintenance costs over time.

Need your trailer or caravans aligned?

Whether you're driving a car, towing a trailer, or heading out on a holiday with your caravan, tyre rotation and wheel alignment are essential services that should not be overlooked. They play a significant role in ensuring your tyres wear evenly, your vehicle handles correctly, and you remain safe on the road.

If it's been a while since your last tyre rotation or wheel alignment check, or if you've never considered these services for your trailer or caravan, now is the time to act. Reach out or, come see the expert team at Tyrepower Ellenbrook for the latest products, a huge range and outstanding customer service. Call us today on (08) 9296 9967 or visit us at 5 Comserv Loop, Ellenbrook.

Our team is ready to assist, ensuring your vehicle, trailer, or caravan is in optimal condition for your next adventure. Safe travels, and remember, regular maintenance is the key to a long-lasting vehicle.

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